Made by a musician, for musicians

Gus Chatterley has been involved with music in one way or another for the better part of his life and has played numerous instruments, mainly claw hammer banjo.


His desire to manufacture a better pick came when he tried finger picking bluegrass banjo and found that picks held by the cuticle were very painful and frequently flew off the finger.

At this time, realizing there was a need for a better pick, Gus created the company Cling Pro Picks and he custom designed a finger pick called FINGERS FRIEND, which has since expanded to three sizes benefiting all ages.

We here at Cling Pro Picks are now distributing his picks to players world wide. Not only are the picks comfortable, but they don't touch the cuticle and do not catch on each other while playing.

Our line of custom designed picks also include frailing picks as well as a specially designed flat pick for when the grip is just not there.