Ron Bartman

Banjo Player

"I am using your fingers friend picks and they are great. They hug my finger as if they were a natural extension and I was easily able to fit them to my liking. I’ll leave you with an open order for a set in black when you have them made."

-Ron Bartman
(Chapeau, PQ, Canada)


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Rik Palieri

Banjo & Guitar Player

"Cling Pro Picks are different than any other picks that I hav used with their unique design they really stay on your finger."

-Rik Palieri, Host & Producer of "The Song Writers Notebook" TV Show
(Burlington, Vermont, USA)


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Danielle Watling

Banjo Player

"The best and only banjo picks I'll ever own! For someone who has tiny fingers and worries about them flying off while playing, I have no stress at all playing with these. They're very comfortable, adjustable, and make me feel confident while playing fast tunes."

-Danielle Watling
(Etobicoke, ON, Canada)


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