Guitar Player

"I haven’t used my picks for a while so I got them out expecting to have to get used to them again. I didn’t. You hardly know you have them on, but I was impressed by the sound and value i was able to dig out of the guitar. Made me wonder why I play without them. I like to strum up and down with my fingers while playing bass notes with my thumb. These picks don’t move around on my fingers or snag the strings. I can confidently switch from fingerpicking to strumming. I highly recommend these picks."

(Ingersoll, ON, Canada)


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Rik Palieri

Banjo & Guitar Player

"Cling Pro Picks are different than any other picks that I hav used with their unique design they really stay on your finger."

-Rik Palieri, Host & Producer of "The Song Writers Notebook" TV Show
(Burlington, Vermont, USA)


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Guitar Player

"Great Picks! Comfortable, adjustable for my finger size. Won't fly off during aggressive playing. Gus will treat you right and stand behind his products. Give'm a try!"

(Placerville, California, USA)


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