Dorothy Waite

Autoharp Player

"Gus, I received my picks today and I have to tell you I am thrilled. Thanks for sending the mediums as well. They actually worked better. I was surprised as I have very small hands and usually buy the smallest picks I can find and still have to pad them. These are so comfortable and they actually stay on. Last week I was playing a very fast jig and my old picks went flying - Twice! Made me very nervous for an upcoming performance. I will be ordering an extra set soon along with an extra medium for my ring finger.

I’ve now had a chance to try the new one for my third finger and it’s perfect! Thank you so much. I will be sure to pass out your cards at the gathering in July. It’s so nice to be able to play without my fingers hurting!"

-Dorothy Waite
(Oak Harbour, WA, USA)


(Click here to check out the Medium Size Fingers Friend Enhanced Pick Dorothy purchased in Light Blue)