M Rory Smith

Autoharp Player

"I am remiss for not getting back to you sooner to thank you for your generosity in sending an extra set of enhanced picks with my order. You sent a set of large along with my order of medium picks and am so thankful you did.

Both sets fit amazingly well, but at different times of the day. A factor that can really affect fit and playability is the range in finger size due to temperature and activity.

I’ve only been playing autoharp for a year and over that time have searched for picks that fit comfortably and have the ability to stay on no matter the style of play.

Your picks fit my needs perfectly.

Cling Pro Picks will be my standard kit from now on. Thanks for these great products, Gus. I’ll be ordering more soon."

-M Rory Smith
(Kuskanook, BC, Canada)


(Click here to check out the Fingers Friend Enhanced Pick M Roy purchased in Dark Blue)