M Rory Smith

Autoharp Player

"I am remiss for not getting back to you sooner to thank you for your generosity in sending an extra set of enhanced picks with my order. You sent a set of large along with my order of medium picks and am so thankful you did.

Both sets fit amazingly well, but at different times of the day. A factor that can really affect fit and playability is the range in finger size due to temperature and activity.

I’ve only been playing autoharp for a year and over that time have searched for picks that fit comfortably and have the ability to stay on no matter the style of play.

Your picks fit my needs perfectly.

Cling Pro Picks will be my standard kit from now on. Thanks for these great products, Gus. I’ll be ordering more soon."

-M Rory Smith
(Kuskanook, BC, Canada)


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Dorothy Waite

Autoharp Player

"Gus, I received my picks today and I have to tell you I am thrilled. Thanks for sending the mediums as well. They actually worked better. I was surprised as I have very small hands and usually buy the smallest picks I can find and still have to pad them. These are so comfortable and they actually stay on. Last week I was playing a very fast jig and my old picks went flying - Twice! Made me very nervous for an upcoming performance. I will be ordering an extra set soon along with an extra medium for my ring finger.

I’ve now had a chance to try the new one for my third finger and it’s perfect! Thank you so much. I will be sure to pass out your cards at the gathering in July. It’s so nice to be able to play without my fingers hurting!"

-Dorothy Waite
(Oak Harbour, WA, USA)


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Ron Bartman

Banjo Player

"I am using your fingers friend picks and they are great. They hug my finger as if they were a natural extension and I was easily able to fit them to my liking. I’ll leave you with an open order for a set in black when you have them made."

-Ron Bartman
(Chapeau, PQ, Canada)


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Guitar Player

"I haven’t used my picks for a while so I got them out expecting to have to get used to them again. I didn’t. You hardly know you have them on, but I was impressed by the sound and value i was able to dig out of the guitar. Made me wonder why I play without them. I like to strum up and down with my fingers while playing bass notes with my thumb. These picks don’t move around on my fingers or snag the strings. I can confidently switch from fingerpicking to strumming. I highly recommend these picks."

(Ingersoll, ON, Canada)


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George Webb

Steel, Dobro, & Fingerstyle Guitar Player

"The enhanced FINGERS FRIEND picks came today.  Thanks for the great service.  The two large sets work exactly as I wanted, and I'm extremely happy to be using them.  As well as for the steel, they are fine dobro and fingerstyle acoustic guitar picks!  The medium set feels different, of course.  They cause me to play with my fingers closer into the strings, requiring better accuracy.  I'll keep them as well for practice exercises.  It's amazing to me that after having played a pedal steel for 40 years, our chance meeting and these picks, have added so much."

-George Webb
(Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)


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Rik Palieri

Banjo & Guitar Player

"Cling Pro Picks are different than any other picks that I hav used with their unique design they really stay on your finger."

-Rik Palieri, Host & Producer of "The Song Writers Notebook" TV Show
(Burlington, Vermont, USA)


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Guitar Player

"Great Picks! Comfortable, adjustable for my finger size. Won't fly off during aggressive playing. Gus will treat you right and stand behind his products. Give'm a try!"

(Placerville, California, USA)


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Danielle Watling

Banjo Player

"The best and only banjo picks I'll ever own! For someone who has tiny fingers and worries about them flying off while playing, I have no stress at all playing with these. They're very comfortable, adjustable, and make me feel confident while playing fast tunes."

-Danielle Watling
(Etobicoke, ON, Canada)


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BANJO PLAYERGus Chatterley
Rene St Aubin

Autoharp Player

"Best pick around. I have tried many kinds of picks to play the autoharp. This is the best. They are ridged but easily adjustable. I have taken many pairs to various autoharp festivals and everyone that sees them and tries them buys them on the spot. I get repeat orders from them."

-Rene St Aubin
(Pickering, Ontario, Canada)


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